Our company offers customers sheet metal spinning using the 4-roller SPINNING MACHINE VBH 3100/60.

Thanks to smoothly adjustable speeds, continuously variable pressure, and a calibration working mode, our sheet metal spinning provides complete control over the process.

If you need precise spinning of steel sheets, we have exactly what you are looking for.

The VBH 3100/60 Hydrotronic SPINNING MACHINE utilizes the best of today’s available technology: a digital control system and hydraulic flow control through proportional valves.

This system is entirely insensitive to wear and tear, ensuring high precision in the machine’s positioning.
The parallelism of the upper and lower rolls is fully controlled by the digital “high-speed” FIELD BUS system.

Digital control technology with hydraulic proportional valves. Parallelism precision of 0.1 mm.

Parameters and spinning options:

– Number of rolls: 4, roll length: 3100 mm

– Upper roll diameter: 520 mm

– Central lower roll diameter: 520 mm

– Side roll diameter: 430 mm

– Thickness of spun sheet: 50 mm (with a yield strength of 240 MPa, for a sheet width of 3000 mm, with an inner radius of the spun roll from 2500 mm to 2750 mm)

– Minimum inner radius of the spun roll: 580 mm (with a yield strength of 360 MPa, for a sheet width of 3000 mm and sheet thickness of 20 mm).

– Upper central support with a supporting capacity of at least 3.5 tons and a maximum supported radius of at least 4000 m

– Side support with a capacity of 2.3 tons

– Installed power: 90 HP

– Spinning cones

– Hardened and polished cylinders (at least 45 HR Rockwel)

– Guaranteed bending capacity of the spinning machine to spin sheets of thickness 50 mm and width 3000 mm

Spinning of S355 sheet (with a yield strength of 360 MPa) with a thickness of 20 mm and width of 3000 mm to a minimum radius of 580 mm. CNC control with spinning display and the ability to create a complete pre-bending or spinning program with all sequences for the desired shape based on input data: radius, thickness, width, material type.

– CNC control type with 3D simulation with automatic program mode for shapes with single and multiple radii. Multiple overload safety system. Automatic speed compensation, hydraulic roll turning brake.

Spinning on the VBH 3100/60 SPINNING MACHINE uses the PPS parallel system. It is the most advanced system available on the market today.

Frictionless linear guides of the ALG system

The design of linear guides is the only system that can provide the necessary rigidity of the machine and perfect geometry for all types of bending operations.

The linear construction allows for compact machine geometry (“minimum center distance between two side rolls” cannot be achieved with a swinging construction), which is necessary for precision and accuracy of bending.

Linear construction allows for working in the best and ideal geometric conditions when rolling materials with a high yield strength, reducing the effect of shell opening and also allowing for much smaller bending diameters compared to a swinging construction.

The parallelism of the rolls in the bending machine is a key factor for the precision of production.


Continuously variable speed adjustment and continuously variable bending pressure are used for sheet metal curling.

The hydraulic system is the operational core of the VBH: it controls everything from the drive of the bending rolls to the movement of the bending rolls, tilting and all other attachments.

Through a digital control system, we control the pressure and flow through dedicated hydraulic proportional valves to select the most suitable speed during each production step and the maximum clamping force of the middle lower cylinder to adapt to the characteristics of the circled sheet.

The option of choosing low pressures for the bending of thin sheets.

Thanks to the continuously variable pressure and continuous speed adjustment, we will have full control over the process in any sheet metal circle situation.

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